The Seagazer earrings are made with a sterling silver cast of a cuttlefish bone, and include an 18k gold bezeled 2mm diamond on each low end with 14k gold ear wires.  The earrings themselves hang two inches long.  Cuttlefish, in my mind, are a chameleon squid.  Check them out on youtube!  I first learned the technique of casting silver into their bone when I was at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico in February 2018.  I have a hard time contributing to an industry that breeds animals to be killed, so I committed to only making a couple casts and then molding the ones I had already made.  I want to honor these creatures for how amazing they are.  These earrings are like wearing the sea and the diamonds add a little cosmic magic.


All Hillary West jewelry is handmade with personally cut stone for inlay, or carefully choses stones from fellow lapidary artists or local mines.  Every piece is one of a kind, uses recycled metals, conflict free diamonds, and holds its own personal story.  If a piece calls to you, I truly believe that it guided me in its creation, knowing what your spirit was looking for.


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