The Low Desert Drifter cuff is made with natural Kingman Turquoise that I picked up from the mine, out near where I grew up in Arizona.  The Turquoise is wrapped in 14k Gold, and sits upon sterling silver.  The Cuff is a size 6, and can be self adjusted to fit your wrist comfortably.  When I was a child, my family used to tell me that if went exploring, I had to keep a piece of turquoise in my pocket to protect me from ghosts.  Although I don’t know if that’s the exact use of the stone ;), it is a stone of strong protection, a talisman of warriors, and of wholeness, wisdom, and serenity.


All Hillary West jewelry is handmade with personally cut stone for inlay, or carefully chosen stones from fellow lapidary artists or local mines.  Every piece is one of a kind, uses recycled metals, conflict free diamonds, and holds its own personal story.  If a piece calls to you, I truly believe that it guided me in its creation, knowing what your spirit was looking for.


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