The Fissure ring has lapis lazuli and black petrified wood inlaid into 14k gold and set upon sterling silver.  Two 2mm diamonds are featured in the angular diamond design, and is a 6.5 size.  This ring is part of the Hillary West signature 2018 line.

Any time you’re working with mixed metals of silver and gold, the soldering process is extremely delicate.  Silver and gold have different melting temperatures, so the possibility of totally screwing it all up and melting your silver is high.  Definitely did that here.  BUT… not so much that it ruined the ring.

What I did, was melt an entire diamond bezel of gold into the silver, soooooo I had to add another one to hold the stone.  All it really means is that there’s twice as much gold in this ring than there should be.  You’re welcome!  🙂  Sometimes screw-ups work, sometimes they make things better, and sometimes, you have to scrap the whole thing.

I LOVE this ring.  I love the deep blue and dark black, and the two stones seem to make this design regal and powerful.

All Hillary West jewelry is handmade with personally cut stone for inlay, or carefully chosen stones from fellow lapidary artists, or local mines. Every piece is one of a kind, uses recycled metals, conflict free diamonds, and holds its own personal story. If a piece calls to you, I truly believe that it guided me in its creation, knowing what your spirit was looking for.


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