Caran brings simplicity with fine detail.  Hand cut ocean jasper inlaid into 18k gold with a 3/4 wrap of cast cuttlebone.  Sterling Silver 28″ chain.

I bought this beautiful slab of Ocean Jasper from this amazing woman named Georgia, who, in her 80’s, road trips all around the country solo, and carries the energy of F-ing wonder woman.  Talk about independent power and the geologic and metals knowledge of the earth herself.  Set in an 18k gold bezel and wrapped in the beautiful, never repeated texture of cuttlebone, this pendant has a subtle elegance that can be worn to that royal ball you were invited to, or with that all black grunge outfit you wear two days in a row.

All Hillary West jewelry is handmade with personally cut stone for inlay, or carefully chosen stones from fellow lapidary artists, or local mines. Every piece is one of a kind, uses recycled metals, conflict free diamonds, and holds its own personal story. If a piece calls to you, I truly believe that it guided me in its creation, knowing what your spirit was looking for.


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